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The personal injury attorneys at Abrishamcar Law, APC, handle dog bite cases by representing the dog bite victim and seeking compensation from the dog’s owner or other responsible parties. This typically involves investigating the incident to determine who is liable, gathering evidence to support the victim’s claim, negotiating with the responsible party or their insurance company, and, if necessary, taking the case to court.

In California, pet owners are generally responsible for any injuries caused by their pets, including bite injuries. This means that if a person is bitten by a pet and suffers injuries as a result, the pet owner may be held liable for the victim’s damages.

It is the pet owner’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent their pet from biting or otherwise causing harm to others. This may include keeping the pet properly restrained or fenced, providing adequate training and socialization, and ensuring the pet is not aggressive or dangerous.

If a pet does bite someone and cause injury, the pet owner may be required to compensate the victim for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. The victim may also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the pet owner to seek compensation for their injuries.

It is important for pet owners to be aware of their legal responsibilities and to take steps to prevent their pets from causing harm to others. If you are a pet owner and are concerned about your liability for a bite injury, you should consult with an attorney to understand your legal rights and obligations.

Pet Responsibility

When left alone by their owners or handlers, dogs, cats, birds, and other pets can pose a danger or be a nuisance to people. Pet owners are responsible for all of their pet’s actions and must address any complaints raised to them.

A dog or animal bite can cause various injuries, ranging from mild to severe. Some common injuries associated with dog bites include puncture wounds, lacerations, bruises, and swelling. In more serious cases, a dog bite can result in nerve damage, infection, or damage to tendons and bones. In rare cases, a dog bite can even be fatal. It is important for anyone who has been bitten by a dog to seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that their injuries are properly treated and to prevent any potential complications.

Our attorneys may also help the victim obtain medical treatment and support services, such as counseling, to assist with recovery. Our goal in a dog bite case is to help the victim obtain the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses, lost income, and other damages resulting from the dog bite. This can help the victim recover physically, emotionally, and financially from the dog bite incident.

Our firm will take every step possible to make negligent pet owners pay for any trouble their pet has caused, whether a small scratch or a serious injury.



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